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Support if you have a relative in prison

Helplines and advice

Prisoners’ Families Helpline

Prisoners’ Families Helpline provides information on what happens in all aspects on imprisonment from arrest, detention to release, they can provide information on:

  • what happens on arrest
  • visiting a prison
  • how to tell the children and living with separation
  • preparing for release

Family Matters Court Desk

Family Matters by Thames Valley Partnership can support you if someone in your family is sent to prison.

Their volunteers can:

  • listen to you
  • help with booking a prison visit
  • give details of local prisons
  • help you talk to your housing provider, benefits agency or bank
  • give details of local services

Help with the cost of prison visits

If you’re on certain benefits and visit a family member, partner or someone who does not get other visitors, you might be able to get help paying for:

  • travel to the prison
  • overnight accommodation
  • meals

Find out more and apply

Grandparent looking after their grandchild?

Help and information if your child gets sent to prison and you care for your grandchild.

Child Benefit

Child Benefit follows the child instead of the parent so if you are a grandparent you can make a claim as soon as you begin caring for your grandchild.

Contact the Child Benefit Office to make a claim or find out more.

Custody and guardianship of a grandchild

Custody or guardianship of a grandchild is a complex area and may not be necessary. Contact your local Citizens Advice Service or a legal representative for more information.