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Best promotion of two-year-old funding award

At the National Association of Family Information Services (NAFIS) awards in November 2021, we won the award for the best promotion of 2-year-old funding.

This award was achieved due to the close collaboration with our Early Years and Childcare 2-year-old funding team, to develop an effective campaign that uses a range of promotional materials to use across our digital channels. This includes videos exploring what 2-year-old funding is, the benefits of taking up a funded childcare place and a targeted video which goes out alongside the distribution of leaflets across the county.

Kayleigh from our Early Years team has become the face of our campaign, offering families a real and familiar personality, and giving an identity to 2-year-old-funding in Bucks. This has added a personal touch to our campaign with videos including Kayleigh continuously gaining 95% more engagement.

The addition of posts including the benefits of 2-year-old funding hopes to really highlight to parents and carers what advantages their child might gain from taking up a funded place. These posts are shared widely by childcare providers who accept funded places in Buckinghamshire.

We meet with the team on a regular basis to discuss our upcoming schedule to ensure we’re posting materials at optimum times. We also review reports on a monthly basis to identify which areas have low uptake. This information allows us to target those areas by sharing posts with the relevant groups.

We have updated our information and advice pages so that parents/carers can self-help to find the information they need. Find our information pages here:

Well done to Vanessa Mills, Carol Morgan and Kayleigh Hall (Early Years and Childcare) and to Bethany and Liz (Family Information Service team.)

Best promotion of two-year-old funding award certificate