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SEND Education Sufficiency Strategy

We’ve launched our Education Sufficiency Strategy to help inform future needs across Buckinghamshire.

Our focus with this strategy is to ensure there are enough school places that will offer children and young people with SEND a challenging curriculum within an environment that promotes learning and development in line with their individual needs and abilities.

We recognise that meeting needs locally leads to more positive outcomes for children and young people, enabling them to stay connected to their family and communities particularly as they transition to adulthood.

We plan to achieve the first phase of the strategy by September 2023 which focuses on:

  • The creation of inclusion units, additional classrooms, and special school satellite classrooms at mainstream schools.
  • Pupil referral unit settings to meet the needs of children and young people with communication and interaction (autism), and social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs.
  • Supporting all existing additional resourced provisions to operate as inclusion units, to enable a consistent approach across the county.

To have your say on the updated strategy visit Your Voice Bucks. Please note the deadline to have your say is now Sunday 3 April 2022.