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Autism Toolbox for parents and carers

Get an autism diagnosis

The NHS can help you understand the signs of autism in children.

If you think your child may be autistic, the first step is to talk to your:

  • health visitor
  • GP
  • child's school or nursery

They may advise you to get an autism assessment.

When arranging an autism assessment, you will be told how long you need to wait for the result.

You do not need an autism diagnosis to get support.

Parents can pay for a private autism assessment if they are able to do so.

Buckinghamshire autism assessments

Getting an autism assessment in Buckinghamshire depends on the age of your child:

Under 5

Your GP, health visitor or child's early years setting, such as their nursery or preschool, may refer you to a paediatrician for an autism assessment.

5 to 18

You can get an autism assessment from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), as part of its Collaborative Neurodevelopmental Pathway for children aged 5 to 18.

You can ask your child's school to refer you to CAMHS, or make a referral yourself using the online form.

Schools can get advice about how to support your child from specialist teachers, educational psychologists, CAMHS and other support services.

Over 18

Speak to your GP for advice. They can also refer you to the Buckinghamshire Adult Autism Diagnostic and Service Intervention (PDF) for an autism assessment.

Read about what happens at an autism assessment and how to understand the results on the NHS site.