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Short breaks service statement for families with disabled children in Buckinghamshire

How to access short breaks

Children and young people are eligible for short breaks if they have:

  • a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities (the Equality Act 2010)

This may include:

  • a physical or learning disability
  • a hearing or visual impairment

It does include children:

  • with autism
  • who may have challenging behaviour as a result of their learning disability
  • who have complex needs and who may have palliative, life limiting or a life threatening condition

How we allocate short breaks

We think it is important to allocate short breaks in a fair way. Not all children and families will need the same level of short breaks. Some families will need more than others because of:

  • the impact of their child’s disability
  • their individual family circumstances.

Just as every child and their family is different, we want to provide different levels of short break support.

Because needs change over time. Families who access specialist short breaks will have their provision reviewed regularly. This is to make sure it continues to meet their needs.

Families who are using universal services or targeted short breaks will have regular opportunities to discuss their short breaks. This will be with the provider, someone from the council or other professionals who are working with the family. This is to help to make sure that the child’s needs are being met. It will also help ensure that the right outcomes are being achieved from short breaks.