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Short breaks service statement for families with disabled children in Buckinghamshire

What we want to achieve from short breaks

This is what we want to hear people saying about our short break services:

Children and young people will say that:

  • I have different options available to me in choosing the type, location and time of short break that I would like to do
  • the short break has helped me to become more independent by teaching me skills that can help me in school, building relationships, travelling independently and using own money
  • my experience of the short break is positive because my voice was listened to and I helped to influence planning and the way the service was designed
  • my short breaks are helping me to reach my full potential by developing new friendships, skills, self-confidence and links to other activities
  • short breaks have focused on my strengths and what I could do rather than my difficulties or disabilities.

Parents and carers will say that:

  • I am well informed about what short breaks are available and how to access them
  • there is choice across the type, time and location of the short breaks available
  • I receive clear communication from providers to inform my family’s choices
  • I feel more resilient and able to deal with caring responsibilities because my child attends a short break
  • I can access support before I reach crisis point
  • my child receives a quality short break and they are being cared for by trained, professional staff in a safe environment

Local authority and Clinical Commissioning Group:

  • the local authority is meeting its statutory duties in relation to the provision of short breaks
  • our short breaks offer provides support which is of high quality, value for money and allows us to make the best use of available resources
  • we have good evidence that our short breaks offer is achieving positive outcomes for children and families.