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Holiday activities

Making the most out of the holidays

Here are 5 reasons to make the most out of the holidays:

1. A chance for children to try something new

The holidays are a great time to shake things up. From arts, crafts and cooking, to performing arts and outdoor activities. This is the time when children begin to pick up hobbies and interests that could become a big part of their life in the future.

2. Help shape their education

As well as developing hobbies, the holidays give young people the time and opportunity to explore what interests them. Do they like the sound of contemporary art? Or maybe science and engineering? Explore what's on in Buckinghamshire and get their curiosity going.

3. A time for family time

The holidays are a perfect time to get out there and explore together as a family. Even if you’re working, the longer evenings during summer can be put to good use by going on a walk or exploring a local park or open space. If walking is not your thing, try a family friendly cycle route instead. Either way, it’s a chance to get some fresh air and spend some quality time together outdoors.

4. Taste of independence for older children

For older children, the summer holidays might be the time when they experience more independence. This could include making their way to and from activities, spending time with relatives or friends, or even doing some work experience or volunteering to strengthen UCAS, apprenticeship or job applications.

5. It's a time memories are made

School holidays don't last forever. The six weeks of summer can be the good times that stick with young people and they're unlikely to enjoy such freedom when they’re older. Take a look at what’s on locally, try something new and have fun.

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