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Get help finding childcare from the Brokerage Service

The Childcare Brokerage Service supports parents with finding suitable childcare for their children. They help parents with children up to 5 years old. If a child or young person has Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND), then the service can support the parents until their child is 25 years old.

This service is free but prioritised by need. The brokerage service will tell you what's available and about the types of childcare. They can also: :

  • contact childcare providers for you to check for vacancies
  • introduce you to childcare providers
  • arrange visits to settings to see how they can meet your child’s needs
  • support the childcare provider to access training so they can include your child

Can the Childcare Brokerage Service help me?

The Childcare Brokerage Service could help you if:

  • you are worried about approaching childcare providers or schools themselves
  • you are worried about leaving your children with someone new
  • you need help if all the settings are full
  • you are unable to find a setting to suit your needs
  • you are looking for childcare for those with a Special Educational Need and/or a Disability (SEND)

Get support from the Childcare Brokerage Service

Request help from the Childcare Brokerage Service

You can also contact the Childcare Brokerage Service.

[email protected] or phone 01296 387 000