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Get help finding childcare from the Brokerage Service

The Childcare Brokerage Service supports parents with finding suitable childcare for their children. They help parents with children up to 4 years old, and children and young people of all ages with Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND).

This service is free but prioritised by need. The brokerage service will tell you about the types of childcare available.

They can also contact childcare providers for you, to check for vacancies and discuss your needs with the childcare providers to try and find options for you to consider.

Can the Childcare Brokerage Service help me?

The Childcare Brokerage Service could help you if:

  • you need help to know what to look for
  • you need help to find a setting to suit your needs
  • you are looking for childcare for a child with a Special Educational Need and/or a Disability (SEND)

Get support from the Childcare Brokerage Service in 4 steps

To get started

Request help from the Childcare Brokerage Service

Looking for childcare for a 2-year-old

If you're looking for a 2 year old funded place but you have not yet applied for funding, please ensure that you complete the 2 year old funding application form.

The eligibility criteria is on the second page of the application. Please check if you are eligible before proceeding with the application for childcare brokerage support. Ring 01296 38 7000 if you need help with applying.