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Early years pupil premium

Childcare providers can get extra funding to support 3 to 4-year olds including:

  • your child if you’re getting certain benefits
  • a child looked after by the council
  • a child looked after by special guardians and or there is a Child Arrangements Order
  • a child adopted from care

This extra funding is called early years pupil premium (EYPP) and can give up to £302 per year extra to childcare providers such as pre-schools, nurseries or childminders.

The extra money can help pay for things like books, resources, services or extra training for staff. EYPP is paid directly to childcare providers.

Apply for EYPP if you're receiving benefits

If you’re receiving any of these benefits, then apply online for early years pupil premium.

Complete an online application for each child. Some information will be remembered to help you to complete multiple applications quickly.

You’ll get an immediate response regarding eligibility after you've completed your application.

The application process is different for children in care, adopted children or children looked after by a special guardian or there is a Child Arrangement Order.

Apply for EYPP for a child you're looking after

If you've adopted your 3 or 4-year old, you're their special guardian, or have a Child Arrangement Order, complete and return the EYPP application form to apply.

EYPP for children in care

For 3 and 4-year-olds looked after by Buckinghamshire Council, parents and foster carers don’t need to apply.

Buckinghamshire’s Virtual School will work directly with childcare providers and manage any early years pupil premium payments.