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Childcare in the holidays

Holiday activities and childcare options

Activities and childcare for your child during the school holidays.

There are three main childcare options in the school holidays. These are:

  • Ofsted registered childcare such as childminders and nurseries
  • Ofsted registered holiday schemes
  • holiday activities, camps and courses

Ofsted registered childcare

Just like in term time, many childminders and nurseries provide childcare during the school holidays. The childcare provider you currently use may offer this but check with them as soon as you can.

If you’re entitled to Tax-Free or funded childcare then you may be able to use these to help cover holiday childcare costs.

If you're getting funded childcare for your 2, 3 or 4-year-old, you could 'stretch' your hours to cover the holidays if your provider offers this. That means taking fewer hours each week but over more weeks of the year.

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Ofsted registered holiday schemes

Ofsted registered holiday schemes run during most school holidays. They can run over a few days or weeks.

Being registered means they checked and inspected to make sure they provide a safe service.

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Holiday activities, camps and courses

Many local activity providers like art, dance and football schools run holiday activities, camps and courses. These can be over a few days or weeks. Some are registered with Ofsted and some aren’t. They can suit all interests from cooking, crafts and performing arts, to sports and adventure activities like climbing and kayaking.

These activities can vary in price and can sell out in advance so research what’s on in good time.

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