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Activities for babies and toddlers

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There are so many baby and toddler activities taking place in Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas.

If you’re looking for new things to do and places to go with your baby or toddler, you can explore our directory listings to find out what’s on in your area.

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We have a range of sessions taking place at our Family Centres which are ideal for babies and toddlers.

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Activities at home

Things to do at home for 0 to 5s.

Hungry Little Minds

Hungry Little Minds gives simple fun, activities for kids aged 0 to 5 to help set them up nicely for the day they start school.

Tiny Happy People

Tiny Happy People by the BBC is a collection of activities, videos and things to do with children from pregnancy through to 5 years to help with their communication skills.

Look Say Sing Play

The NSPCC has teamed up with Vroom to give you some fun and easy tips to help you bring even more Look, Say, Sing and Play into your daily routine with your baby.