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HAF Young Ambassadors

Our HAF Young Ambassadors programme will enable young people to play an important role in the decision-making process for HAF.

HAF Young Ambassador programme banner

Buckinghamshire Council wants children and young people to share their ideas and help them offer HAF camps to young people that are safe, engaging, fun, and inclusive for all.

Our HAF Young Ambassadors

Our HAF Young Ambassadors will represent different schools, communities, and wards and will make an invaluable contribution to the development of HAF in Buckinghamshire.


A HAF Young Ambassador’s responsibilities will include:

  • be the voice of children and young people in Buckinghamshire
  • help in the planning and delivery of the HAF programme
  • if aged 13 to 16 years attend online meetings with the HAF team to review applications from organisations wanting to host HAF clubs
  • promote HAF within your school and make your peers aware of the clubs on offer
  • to share HAF opportunities with your friends outside of school
  • attend, take part, and contribute to six HAF meetings per year (during half term and at the end of school holidays)
  • play the role of ‘secret shopper’ for the HAF team to help check the quality of HAF

Meet our Young Ambassadors

We asked our Young Ambassadors to share what makes them fantastic ambassadors for HAF. Read their profiles below.

We are reviewing applications; our HAF Young Ambassadors will be announced soon!

Nominate or apply to be an HAF Young Ambassador

To nominate an ambassador or apply to be one, fill out the form below and a member of the HAF team will be in contact.

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