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Child exploitation

What is child exploitation

If you have immediate concerns about the safety of a child call 999.

Child Exploitation is a form of child abuse. It involves tricking, coercing or forcing a child to commit crimes for others or taking part in sexual activity. This abuse takes place away from the home and family environment.

Child Exploitation can happen to any child and takes place across the Country.

Whilst children can sometimes feel that they are making the ‘choice’ to take part in this behaviour, they cannot consent to their own exploitation.

Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (NSCP) created a short film to raise awareness and highlight some of the signs to look out for.

Child Exploitation is often split into 2 different categories below. But, it is important to recognise that Child Exploitation can involve both types.

Both types of exploitation can take place in person (face-to-face) or online. Sometimes it can start online and move on to meeting your child in person.