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Online parenting courses

Triple P Online

Triple P offer online versions of their 'Toddlers and Tweens' and 'Pre-Teens and Teens' courses.

Topics include:

  • building a stronger relationship
  • dealing calmly with conflict
  • encouraging good behaviour
  • teaching your child new skills

Price: around £72

Netmums Parenting Course

Netmums' Eight-week course by email that guides you through different parenting topics and situations, helping you become a more confident parent. Produced together with the charity, Family Links.

Topics include:

  • praise is magic
  • behaviour to ignore
  • what's your parenting style?
  • discipline and boundaries
  • problem-solving and negotiating
  • choices and consequences

Price: free

Parents Together Programme

The Parents Together Programme is for families with children aged 5 years old and under. Work through six interactive blocks filled with helpful techniques and ideas that will help you become a more confident and happy parent.

The course is based on Parenting Together's thirty years' experience working with parents and families.

Topics include:

  • promoting wellbeing
  • the power of communicating and being positive
  • understanding behaviour
  • managing and promoting positive behaviour in the family
  • play and what do children need
  • setting limits, boundaries and promoting co-operation

Price: free

A series of seven YouTube videos from Family Links that cover:

  • Praise and empathy
  • Personal power and choices
  • Feelings and what to do with them
  • Kinds of touch
  • Ages and stages: helping children to grow up
  • Keeping children safe
  • Behaviour to ignore, problem solving and negotiation

Mental and Emotional Health in Schools

Mental and Emotional Health in Schools by Family Links is designed for school staff. Knowledge is consolidated with interactive content (case studies, role-plays and dialogues).

Areas covered include:

  • recognising and responding to signs of poor mental health
  • strategies to support your own and other’s good mental and emotional health
  • understanding boundaries and professional responsibilities
  • importance of following safeguarding procedures

Price: free