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Education and learning

How school admissions work

Overview of the school admissions process and key times of the year

Education and SEND

Help for children and young people with SEND in education,

Improving your child’s school attendance

Things you should try to improve your child's school attendance, including EBSNA

Support at school for low-income families

Extra support available with school, college or university if you're on a low income

Types of schools and education

Overview of the different types of English schools

What are the Key Stages?

Key Stages explained and what ages and school years they're taught

Post-16 education and training

The different options available to you once you finish your GCSEs, A levels, T Levels, and VTQ. Information on apprenticeships, internships, traineeships, sixth-form schools and colleges, and university.

Preparing for adulthood

Help for young people with SEND as they move from teen to adult, including education options from year 9 (age 13 or 14)

Supporting your child's early education

Things you can do in the early years and beyond to help your child’s learning and development.

Financial help at college and university

Funding, bursaries, and discounts for students

Children in employment and entertainment

Children of compulsory school age, working before or after school, at weekends or during school holidays, must have an employment permit issued by the local authority.

Elective Home Education (EHE)

Things to consider before deciding to home educate your child and how to start the process

The Virtual School

If you're aged 16 to 25 and are in care or have been for at least thirteen weeks since the age of 14, the Virtual School can support you.

Educational resources for families at home

Websites, apps and resources to help with home education

Supporting your child's school journey

This guide provides you with helpful tips and advice on how to support your child for each stage of their school journey from reception to year 13.

Alternative Provision

A guide to help provide clear guidance on what Alternative Provision is and when it should be adopted.

Schools and support services

From private tutors to local schools and how they support their pupils

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