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Late school applications

To receive an offer of a school place on National Offers Day, the deadlines usually fall in:

  • 15 January for primary school places
  • 31 October for secondary school places

If you have an ‘exceptional reason’ for applying late, you may be able to submit your application a few days later and it will still be treated as ‘on time’ or ‘timely’.

This means you’ll still get your offers on National Offers (first round of allocations) which give you the best chance of getting your preferred choices.

An exceptional reason preventing you from applying by the deadlines may include:

  • long-time illness
  • a family bereavement

Moving into the area is not an exceptional reason for applying late.

Moving into Buckinghamshire

If you move into Buckinghamshire after the deadlines, you could apply later to be included in the second round of allocations.

To be considered in the second round of allocations, you’ll need to apply and provide evidence of your move between:

  • January to April for primary school applications
  • January to March for secondary school applications

The exact days can vary.

If you’re moving into Buckinghamshire and want your child to sit the Secondary Transfer Tests (that assess their suitability for grammar school), please contact the admissions team.

For more information and exact dates

For more information about late applications and exact dates visit:

Missing the primary school application deadline

Missing the secondary school application deadline