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Education, health and care co-ordinators (EHCCos)

To find the EHC coordinator for your education provider, select your area from the list below.

Some education providers have different EHC coordinators for school years 3 to 8 and years 9 and above.

You can contact your EHC co-ordinator via email, use [email protected]

The role of an Education, Health and Care Co-ordinator

Education, health and care co-ordinators (EHCCos):

  • draft EHC plans (sometimes called EHCP)
  • give advice to parents, carers and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) about EHC plans
  • keep parents, carers and young people with SEND informed about their case

Assessment EHCCOs

Any pupils under assessment, including those plans that are within the first year of being finalised will now have a designated EHCCO. They will be involved in the assessment stage and plan writing as well as holding that plan for a year.

Annual Review EHCCOs

Any plans that are over a year old and have had an annual review will be allocated an annual review EHCCO. They will:

  • maintain the plans,
  • issue proposed and final amended plans,
  • manage the change of placement requests where necessary,
  • cease plans where requested.

The EHCCO lists provided are for annual review EHCCOs only.