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School transport for people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

What to expect if your child receives SEND school transport

Guidance on what to expect if your child receives SEND school transport. This includes:

  • our standards
  • how staff are made aware of your child's needs
  • getting your child to and from school
  • how you can help us
  • help and support

Personal Transport Budgets for eligible children and young people with SEND

Students of all ages with SEND who are eligible for transport are able to apply for a Personal Transport Budget, instead of travelling on Council organised transport.

Personal Transport Budgets have replaced mileage allowances. There may be exceptional circumstances where a mileage allowance could be offered on a temporary basis. For example, where the parent or carer takes the child to school or college while waiting for Council transport to be organised.

Other help with SEND transport

Other discounted transport options for young people with SEND include:

  • student fares, passes, and travel cards
  • help from colleges
  • bursary funds

Independent travel training

We work with schools and colleges to help young people with SEND get independent travel training.

Travel training helps young people with SEND become more independent and catch public transport by themselves.

This may include transport to and from school or college.

Read more in section 7 of the Post-16 Transport Policy Statement.

Parents, carers, and young people with SEND should check with their education provider, as they may already offer independent travel training.

Independent travel training is also available from Talkback as part of its personal development and skills programme.