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Local SEND Improvement

Delivering Better Value (DBV) programme

The Department for Education’s Delivering Better Value (DBV) in SEND programme aims to support local authorities and their partners to improve the delivery of SEND services for children and young people whilst working towards financial sustainability.

Graphic showing cartoon young people from all background and all disabilities, mainly in blue and white

Grant application

In August 2023, the local area began their grant application to the Department of Education (DofE) for the Delivering Better Value (DBV).

The grant application process involved a thorough analysis of the local area. Professionals from education, health, and social care participated. So did parents/carers and young people. Their goal was to find the real constraints in the system. They would then see how these constraints affected outcomes for SEND CYP.

The grant application received approval in March 2024.

The four DBV workstreams

The local area will focus on the following four areas. They aim to deliver better outcomes for CYP with SEND alongside the DBV grant.