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SEND Youth Projects

Here are projects and events for young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

To find out more about any of these groups and to get involved:

Email [email protected]

Shout Out Reps

Our Shout Out Reps speak for their school, college, friends and community.

They meet virtually once a month to share the views of young people with SEND in Buckinghamshire.

Any ideas they have for improving local SEND services are given to those who make decisions at the council.

Shout Out for SEND is a way to have your say and make sure that:

  • local activities and services are suitable for young people with SEND
  • young people with SEND are being listened to by the council, and their school or college

If you want to share your views and experiences or get involved, email the Shout Out for SEND team

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SEND Young Inspectors

SEND Young Inspectors are young people who visit local activities and clubs that are suitable for people with SEND.

Our SEND Young Inspectors then tell us what they think about the club or activity.

Their views help clubs to make sure they meet the needs of young people with SEND.

The reports written by Young Inspectors allow others to find out what a club or activity is like before they go.

At the moment we are looking for SEND Young Inspectors aged 12 to 25.

Annual conference for young people

Our annual conference for young people is a day of creative and fun activities.

You also get a chance to talk to senior people at Buckinghamshire Council. They can help to make sure that your voice is heard.

Young people’s group

This group is for young people with SEND who get help from the Family Support Service.

The group is a chance to:

  • develop your confidence and self esteem
  • improve your teamwork skills
  • share your views and help other young people with SEND

The group meets every month during school term time.

Activity days

This is a day during the school holidays when young people with SEND take part in activities in Buckinghamshire.

It's a chance to:

  • try a new activity
  • meet new people
  • have your voice heard

School and college groups

Our team visits schools and colleges across Buckinghamshire to hear your views.

It's a great way to make sure your voice is heard while you are still studying.

Visit the Shout out for SEND website