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Summer fun festival for young people

Activities and events going on this summer around Buckinghamshire.

Post-16 education and training

The different options available to you once you finish your GCSEs

Mental health and young people

Mental health support for young people including where to get help and strategies for self-care

Local projects for young people

Project giving young people a voice, skills or funding to make a difference in their communities. Includes Youth Voice, Youth Bank and SEND young inspectors

Find things to do for young people

Local things to do for 11 to 19s

Moving up to secondary school

If you are moving up to secondary school there are things you can do to cope and help you feel positive.

Help for young people

Help and support for young people, a range of courses and youth drop-ins.

Online safety tips for young people

Improve your safety and privacy online with these resources

Money help at college and university

Help at college or university if your family earn under a certain amount or claim some benefits

Discounts for young people

Discounts for young people and students from leisure and entertainment to travel and shopping

Preparing for adulthood (PfA)

Information and help for 14 to 25 years olds with special educational needs or a disability (SEND) on preparing for adulthood

Alcohol, drugs and addiction

Find advice and support to help you with an alcohol, drug or addiction problem

Sexual health, testing and contraception

Sexual health services in Buckinghamshire are free, confidential and offer lots of support

Activities, events, training and support for 11 to 19-year-olds

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