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What vaccinations we need and when

Most vaccines are given to us as children to protect us early on and reduce the spread of infectious diseases. Some vaccines are given throughout our lives and some at particular times when we're most at risk.

When to have them

The NHS vaccination schedule details what ages each vaccine is given and those given to people with underlying health conditions or who are pregnant.

Travel vaccinations

If you're planning a holiday, speak to your GP to find out whether your existing UK vaccinations are up-to-date. If you need any travel vaccinations, some GP surgeries may provide them for free. If they don't, you can try a private travel vaccination clinic or pharmacy offering travel healthcare services.

How to get them

Usually, you'll be contacted by your GP surgery when you or your child is due for a routine vaccination. This could be by letter, text, phone call or email. If you don't have a GP, find a GP near you.

If you know you or your child is due for a vaccination, speak to your GP surgery. You don't need to wait to hear from them.