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Children in employment and entertainment

Apply for a child's performance licence

A child under school leaving age may need a licence if they take part in certain events.

  • films, plays, concerts or other public performances that the audience pays to see, or that take place on licensed premises
  • any sporting events or modelling assignments where the child is paid

A licence is not required for children in a production by an academy or independent school.

The person in charge of the event must apply to the child’s local council for a child performance licence. Do this at least 21 days before the event.

Contact: [email protected]

The legislation in England

Guidance on child performance and activities: licensing legislation in England Children Young Person Act 1933/63 and the Children (Performances and Activities) (England) Regulations 2014.

Apply for a standard child performance and activities licence

To apply for a Standard Child Performance and Activities Licence, fill in the application form.

Child Performance Standard Application Form (NNCEE)