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Financial help at college and university

Financial help at university

Help to towards the cost of your higher education.

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Student Finance

Students can apply for student finance to help pay for:

  • university or college tuition fees
  • living costs

Students from low-income families might get extra money through grants and scholarships. These funds are also available to students who have a disability, have children, or have been in care.

The amount of money universities offer can vary. UCAS recommend asking universities at open days what financial support they offer for students from low-income households.

To apply, first apply for student finance. Once you get a letter or email showing how much student finance you’ll get, contact the student services department at your university or college to see what extra money you could get.


Looking for a bursary or scholarship for university? Watch UCAS' tips from students who got extra funding, including where they found bursaries and scholarships, what they needed to apply, and how to make the process as pain-free as possible.

Extra help from the Frogmoor Funds

The Frogmoor Funds also offer financial help to 16s to 25s towards the cost of:

  • higher education courses
  • research scholarships
  • educational visits abroad
  • equipment you need to enter a trade or profession

Student discounts

Take a look at discounts if you're a student or you're about to start university.