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Types of schools and education

Other types of education

Other types of education options available.

Montessori schools and Walldorf education

Montessori schools and Walldorf education, also known as Steiner schools, have a different approach to learning and testing.

Instead of standardised curriculums and testing, they focus on a pupils':

  • imagination and creativity
  • characteristics and tendencies
  • talents, abilities and curiosity

There aren’t any Montessori or Steiner schools in Buckinghamshire but there are Montessori Nurseries and Pre-Schools.

Elective Home Education

Most parents send their child to school, but you have the right to educate your child at home. This is called Elective Home Education.

Parents might choose to home education for a variety of reasons but whatever the reason, it’s a decision that needs careful consideration because home education is a major commitment of your time, energy and money.

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