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SEND support and funding for education providers

SEND support services for education providers

To make sure that children and young people with SEND get all the help they need through SEN support, education providers may work with other SEND support services.

This additional help is arranged by education providers.

Parents and carers cannot contact these SEND support services directly. If a parent or carer feels their child needs additional help, they can speak to:

Education providers will look at the outcomes of the SEN support graduated approach to decide if a child needs extra support.

If they think additional support is needed, education providers can speak to services linked to the council and the Integrated Care Board to arrange this.

These services include:

The SEND support services education providers can access cover in these areas:

  • hearing loss
  • sight loss
  • multisensory impairment
  • communication and interaction difficulties
  • medical needs
  • cognition and learning needs
  • social, emotional and mental health needs
  • physical skills

For more details on how a child’s needs are assessed, read this graduated approach page for teachers on SchoolsWeb.

Funding for education providers