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Training, work experience and employment

Help to find job opportunities

There is help in the local area to find jobs that match your skills:

Jobcentre Plus

Your local Jobcentre Plus can help you find a job or get new skills.

They can also tell you about companies in your area that employ people with SEND.

Your nearest Jobcentre Plus may also be able to arrange for you to meet a specialist work psychologist. A work psychologist can give you an employment assessment, where you will be asked about:

  • your work skills and experience
  • what sorts of jobs you are interested in
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Intensive Personalised Employer Support

For Intensive Personalised Employer Support, you will work closely with a support worker to decide which job is best for you.

The support worker will also help you to get the work experience and skills you need.

Speak to your careers leader at school to see if you can get Intensive Personalised Employer Support.

If you have left school, ask for more details at your local Jobcentre Plus.

Work and Health Programme

If you have left school and are having trouble finding a job, the Work and Health Programme can help.

You will get help to decide which jobs match your skills and support to find any extra training you need.

Ask for more details at your local Jobcentre Plus.