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Health in pregnancy and the early years

Your child's development

Children all develop at different rates depending on their genetics, their personality and how they're parented.

If there's something worrying you, talk to your health visitor, GP or a member of staff at your local Family Centre.

Health and development - the five checks

There are five health checks that all babies and children should have from birth to two and a half years. Your Health Visiting team will carry out these checks.

Your red book

Child health checks personal development red book

Shortly before or after your baby is born, you’ll get a personal child health record (PCHR). This usually has a red cover and is known as the “red book”.

You should bring your child's red book every time you visit a baby clinic or your GP. They will use this book to record your child's five key checks, and other information that you may find helpful.

The five key checks

Child development support 0 to 3 years

If you think that your child’s development may be delayed, you can also contact the Portage Service.

The service works with parents/carers and their child(ren) in the home, with development activities.