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Personal Education Plans (PEP) for looked after children

All looked after children must have a care plan, and the Personal Education Plan (PEP) is an integral part.

What is a PEP?

The PEP (pre-school to age 18) identifies looked after children’s educational needs and promotes and raises expectations and aspirations for their outcomes.

PEPs should:

  • Record what is going well
  • Identify any areas of need
  • Record the plan for support

Those involved in the process of developing the PEP should use it to support the personalised learning of the child.

The PEP process should involve the child (according to understanding and ability) and, where appropriate, the child’s parent and/or relevant family member.

PEP meetings

PEP meetings should take place on a termly basis.

Young people are encouraged to attend these meetings, along with a Social Worker, Designated Teacher or representative from the school, the carer and a member of the Virtual School. It’s important that every PEP captures the child’s views – even if they choose not to participate.

The meetings are an opportunity to review progress, identify any needs for future support and discuss any decisions regarding Pupil Premium funding.

The PEP meeting is usually held in the education setting using the ePEP system.

Access to the ePEP

If you have a new looked after child in your school please contact us for details of how to access the system.