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About the Virtual School

The Virtual School aims to raise the educational achievement and school attendance of children and young people in care, and who have left care, including those who are placed outside of Buckinghamshire.

Our aims

We aim to support children and young people in care to achieve their full potential by ensuring:

  • There is a Designated Teacher in every school
  • Every pupil (preschool to post-16) has a current Personal Education Plan
  • No care placement is made without education secured
  • No child in care is without education for more than 20 school days
  • Pupil Premium Plus is managed effectively and according to need to enhance educational opportunities

This applies to eligible children (including age 16 and 17) and those who have been placed for adoption until the adoption order is in place.

The Virtual School does not replace the school or educational provision. It is an additional resource to support and challenge all those involved in the educational achievement of children in care.

How we provide support

We provide support through:

  • Training and advice for education and social care staff
  • Efficient tracking and monitoring of children’s educational needs, provision and achievements
  • Successful partnership work and support for individual children at risk of exclusion, underachievement or without a school place

Who we support

We also have a specialist teacher to ensure the most appropriate support is in place for children and young people with disabilities.

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