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Pupil Premium Plus for looked after children

Pupil Premium Plus is a government grant to support and promote the education of children and young people in care.

What is Pupil Premium Plus?

The Pupil Premium Plus is allocated to The Virtual School for each looked after child of school age to support their education. Some children may need more, some less, depending on an assessment of their individual needs. The amount is currently £2,345 per annum.

The Virtual School Headteacher is responsible for making sure there are effective arrangements in place for allocating Pupil Premium Plus funding to benefit children looked after wherever they are placed.

How is the grant used?

How the grant is to be used must be clearly identified in each young person’s Personal Education Plan (PEP).

The grant will be used to improve outcomes for looked after children in the following areas:

  • Raising levels of achievement and progress
  • Supporting achievement in an area where a child is gifted and talented
  • Improving attendance
  • Supporting emotional wellbeing
  • Promoting inclusion (by reducing internal and external exclusion)
  • Developing social skills
  • Supporting a smooth transition into the next key stage or new place of learning

The PEP action plan will demonstrate targets for improvement, expected outcomes and costs of support.

How is the grant allocated?

The needs of children and young people in care can vary at different times. The amount of Pupil Premium Plus allocated will therefore be based on the amount of support needed on an individual basis.

Pupil Premium Plus can not be used to double fund or replace funding that should already have been allocated to the school to support a child.

Children adopted from care

All children in provision funded by the local authority who were adopted from local authority care or who have left care under a special guardianship or care arrangements order are eligible for Pupil Premium Plus.

Funding will be paid directly to schools for those children between Reception and Year 11.

Parents are asked to provide evidence to the school. For example, with a copy of the adoption order.

Early years pupil premium (EYPP)

Children in care aged three or four who get 15 hours of free childcare are eligible to receive the early years pupil premium (EYPP). This is paid directly to your provider to help support your child.

More information on Early Years Pupil Premium

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