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Preparing for adulthood

People at the council who can help you

At the council we are always ready to help young people with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) as they make the move from teen to adult.

If you need help to become independent, these teams may be able to support you:

Children and Young Adult Disability 0 to 25 Service

We help children and young people who have disabilities that make it hard for them to live a good life without extra help, equipment or information.

We may also be able to help you if you have:

  • special learning needs
  • autism
  • obsessive compulsive disorders
  • poor mental health

We can help you make choices about your future, so that you feel happy moving towards the adult life you want.

If you need help to meet your goals, we can put you in touch with experts and services that can support you.

Our main support covers:

If you need more help you can:

Integrated SEND Service

The Integrated SEND Service is also known as iSEND.

We want to make sure that all children and young people with SEND in the local area get a chance to do their best and follow their dreams.

To do this we work with children and young people with SEND to make sure they are:

  • safe
  • living fulfilling lives
  • healthy
  • reaching their potential in education and other parts of their lives
  • making a contribution to their community

Find out more about the Integrated SEND Service.