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Short breaks

Short breaks funded by the council

Targeted and specialist short breaks

Bucks Activity Project, which is run by Action for Children provides our current targeted and specialist short breaks.

You can use the Bucks Activity Project website to:

  • register your child
  • manage bookings
  • pay fees depending on the activities or support provided

Specialist short breaks

We fund three different types of specialist short breaks:

Residential overnight short breaks

These breaks, contracted to Action for Children, provide overnight care in a residential children’s home.

Residential overnight short breaks are for children and young people who have severe or moderate to severe learning disabilities, and may also have:

  • autism
  • complex health conditions
  • complex behavioural needs
  • issues with sleeplessness
  • specific needs that require support throughout the night

This service includes access to specialist nurses, who will make sure the team at a children's home are able to safely support children and young people with complex health needs.

The service operates from 3 locations:

  • Merryfields, High Wycombe: children and young people with learning disabilities aged 5 to 18 years (but most children are 8 years and older)
  • The Grove, Aylesbury: children and young people with learning disabilities aged 8 to 18 years
  • The Vines, High Wycombe: children and young people with learning disabilities aged 11 to 18 who have complex behavioural needs

Domiciliary care

We work with agencies that provide registered carers who can look after children with disabilities and young people aged 0 to 18 in their own home.

These registered carers can also help children and young people access activities in their community.

Read more about domiciliary care.

Fostering service

This regulated service provides registered carers who can:

  • take your child to access community services
  • look after your child in their home during the day or night