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SEND education options and admissions

Independent schools

There are independent schools in Buckinghamshire, and outside the county, that parents, carers and young people can consider.

For independent schools other than specialist schools, it is likely that parents, carers, or young people will need to pay fees if the costs are deemed not to be an effective use of local authority resources.

In these cases, the council can pay the equivalent they would pay to a local mainstream school as part of EHC plan support.

Independent special schools can be more expensive than maintained special schools and special academies.

The local authority needs to consider requests for independent schools, and decide if they are an efficient use of resources.

This ensures that the council's funds are spent well to provide positive, fair and transparent support for all children and young people with SEND in Buckinghamshire.

Use our directory to see independent schools in Buckinghamshire and Out of County.

Independent special schools and colleges (section 41)

In some cases, parents may think that an independent special school or college is the best option for their child with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Independent special schools and colleges are run privately and don’t have to follow the national curriculum. Instead of being funded by the government, independent schools and colleges usually charge fees.

For an independent school or college to be considered for a child or young person with SEND (and named in an EHC plan) it must be on an approved list by the secretary of state for education. This is known as “approved under section 41 of the Children and Families Act”.

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