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Winners of the National Association of Family Information Service (NAFIS) Coram Family and Childcare award for Best Local Offer 2022, voted by parent champions.

Introduction to Preparing for Adulthood

Preparing for Adulthood is an exciting time in a young person's life, but it can also be difficult and uncertain for someone with SEND.

When a young person with SEND is in year 9 (aged 13 or 14), support starts for planning the move to adulthood, and carries on until they reach 25. This is called 'Preparing for Adulthood', or sometimes referred to as 'transition planning'.

It is an exciting stage in life, but it can also be a difficult and uncertain time for a young person with SEND. There are some key aspects of life which this planning focuses on:

  • education, employment and training
  • living independently
  • social inclusion (including having friends and supportive relationships)
  • being healthy

Your child's school, Buckinghamshire Council and your child's health services will all be involved in helping your child and family plan this next stage in their life.

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