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Domestic abuse

Signs of domestic abuse

To recognise whether a relationship is abusive, think about how the behaviour of that person makes you feel. If their behaviour is making you feel scared, controlled or unable to ask for help, then that is considered abuse.

Some examples might be:

  • A partner frequently criticising your thinking or things you do.
  • Making you believe you are unattractive, or lucky to have a partner at all.
  • Feeling anxious or scared when your partner is around, and feeling like you have to change your behaviour to avoid arguments, confrontation or violence.
  • Feeling intimidated by your partner when they get angry and worried that their behaviour might become unpredictable or aggressive.
  • Your partner trying to control you and who you can and can't see.
  • Emotionally blackmailing you - your partner might make you feel like you can't do things (possibly without explicitly saying so), or might make it logistically difficult for you.

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