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Living independently

Supported living or residential care

Information on supported living and residential care, and link to the directory where you can find local services.

Supported living

Supported living homes are flats and houses that have special equipment to help young people with SEND. You might live there by yourself, or with other young people who have similar SEND to you.

Although you’ll live independently, care staff will be on hand to help with tasks such as shopping and housework. Some supported living apartments have care staff available 24 hours a day. In others, care staff will visit you at regular times during the week.

Supported living is good value for money for people with SEND, whether you pay for your own care or get a personal budget.

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Residential Care

Residential care is only for people with SEND who have high needs and require lots of support. People in residential care normally have their own bedroom, but parts of the building may be shared with the other people who live there.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) makes sure that care homes look after the people who live there. You can search the CQC website to see reviews of care homes near you.