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Supporting your child's school journey

Last updated: 10 May 2023
My School Journey

2. Reception

Young male child playing with toys and bricks on a table

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is for children aged three to five years old and is the first stage of their education (Nursery and Reception).

The key focus is on teaching them routine and easing them into the idea of learning in a structured environment.

Applying for school

Moving up to 'big school' can be a huge change in a child's life, but it can also be confusing for parents and carers to know when to apply, how to apply and what schools to apply for.

Using the guide to starting school can really help with any questions you may have.

Is your child ready for school

School is an important part of your child's life, but not every child will be able to cope with the move to 'big school'.

Attending toddler groups and sessions can help them to develop socialisation skills ready for school.

What does being school ready mean

School readiness is a term often used to describe how ready children are socially, physically, and intellectually, to start formal schooling.

Being school ready means that your child :

  • has good social skills
  • can cope emotionally with being separated from a parent or carer
  • are able to go to the toilet, wash their hands and apply their own suncream
  • have a desire to learn and an interest in the world around them

Where can I get support

Many organisations, charities and groups in Buckinghamshire provide support and advice on helping to prepare your child for Reception, including: