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Supporting your child's school journey

Last updated: 10 May 2023
My School Journey

3. School Years 1 and 2

Four young children in school classroom listening to teacher read

School years 1 and 2 are for children aged five to seven years old and is the next phase of your child's school journey, also known as Key Stage 1 (KS1).

What to expect

School years 1 and 2 are the next stage in your child's schooling after Reception. This is when you can expect:

  • a more formal style of learning
  • homework
  • phonics screening and national tests

If you are concerned about anything, speak to your child's school, they should be able to answer your questions.

Helping your child prepare for tests

In Year 1 your child will take a phonics screening check to see how well your child can read words.

In Year 2 your child may have national tests and teacher assessments in English, and maths.

You normally don't need to do anything at home to help them, but if you want to you can help prepare and support your child by:

  • reading books
  • practice spelling different words
  • work on learning to tell the time
  • practice weighing and measuring different things

Where can I get support

There is support and advice on helping to prepare your child for School Years 1 and 2, and what to expect during this time.