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Supporting your child's school journey

Last updated: 10 May 2023
My School Journey

7. School Years 12 and 13

Girl with headphones in a blue top and hat with backpack in senior school

School years 12 and 13 are for young people aged sixteen to eighteen years old, also known as Key Stage 5 (KS5).

What to expect

Key Stage 5 is the last stage of secondary education for those in sixth form or college, this is when:

  • you will take your AS and A-Levels or BTECs
  • you will choose what you will do after year 13
  • some of your friends may leave school

What to do after year 13

You have multiple options to consider when you leave year 13. After your A-Level, T-Level and VTQ results you may want to:

  • go to university or college
  • do an apprenticeship
  • get a job
  • take some time out

Where can I get support

There is support and advice on helping to prepare you for school years 12 and 13, and what to expect during this time.